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You identify just the public that are going to play this Kolkata FF KHL a lot of them have depression and tension & other things some of them have physical difficulties that depend on medication to function. Or if they don’t have it they could die too what do you what more obviously we have the movement on the Bernie Sanders side of things and activists and organizers pushing Medicare for all what would you like to see what would you tell people watching that have a similar circumstance to your son what he had what should they do well they said earlier I’ve realized when you have unhappiness you’d go to ask for help sometimes you’ve run into walls it’s not easy to dig into yourself and say I can’t take care of myself but if you can’t you have to accept that it will help you go further and ask for the help that you need I would hate for another parented have to bury their child the way I have I know many millions of Indian well but it is not a pain you’ll ever understand until you’ve done it yourself.

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And I don’t demand it upon anyone I don’t care if you’re a liberal or unadventurous right wing left wing nobody know kolkata people  needs to bury their child there’s something as ridiculous as Rupees no parent wants to bury their child for any reason and if you need help ask for it there are other programs as I mentioned earlier that are really good programs that will help you get your medication put you have to hurdle through the hoops to get it and it’s worth it suicide doesn’t take away the pain it only passes it on to the next individual.

Kolkata Fatafat KHL


Danny was not a self-centered person by any means but he just couldn’t handle the hurt any longer he could have handled it better with the proper tablet so please if anybody’s out there that’s considering suicide ask for help again and again don’t put your loved one through this and how many progenies did Danny have till he’s on Daniel Mark had it Daniel mark is six now and Hazelwood is like a day and a half year and a half Daniel we probably won’t ever be able to see him and the mother is estranged from us and it said Daniel what Danny was going to lose custody of Daniel and all parental rights on that Tuesday we haven’t heard from the mom I’m not lashing out at her you know Danny has said I knew he had difficulties he had bio and tendency if I was his mom and he was acting crazy around me I might protect my child too I don’t blame her could have been handled better where he could still see his children but I imagine I wasn’t there so I can’t really be on that hey hazel we get to see her we just saw her a couple days ago and we’re going to be seeing her in a couple hours again she it’s two children if you were to take the picture side by side you could tell they’re all Danny I’ll have his red ginger hair and fair skin for kids well thank you for speaking with me I know III would implore anyone really in the media to take the time to speak with you because at the end of the day I think your story and more highly your son’s story hammers home the point money shouldn’t be involved when it comes to grassroots life or death and it is life or death we’re talking about whether it be medication services surgeries whatever we’re talking about oh you know therapy and therapy can save somebody’s life sometimes right and that will be quick to be axed on any insurance plan because they don’t see any medical reasoning right thanks again stay in touch with us and I know on behalf of my audience we just hope you know as best as you can we send you our commiserations and hope you have as much time with you remaining grandkids and other children as your contentment Thank You Jordan I truly appreciate everything you’ve not just on the Medicare for all all the stances that you’ve taken I watch you a million times and you’re just amazing thank you I truly appreciate all your sponsorship thank you thank you say say hello to your wife for me to take care that was um my interview with Scott death lawyers here use the father of Danny who ill-advisedly there’s no longer with us yeah that’s a difficult that’s a difficult interview to have to do and I know Scott is in the live chat so if you want to send your condolences or say something nice I’m sure he would appreciate that there’s a lot I take away from from what happened there I think that really we’ve come to a moment in not just this country but I think just society where people don’t really give a shit about something unless it affects them I think we know this of the Republican Party and freely we know this of establishment commercial Democrats they just don’t care you know these insurance companies like Fidelis that canceled Danny’s policy again I’ve reached out to Fidelis four times now they haven’t responded to me probably because they don’t want this story to get more oxygen and more attention it’s gonna get more helpfulness whether I have to one way or the other this story’s gonna get more attention and I know Scott is trying to get other media to pick up this story and I would recommend all media corporate independent should interview Scott and pick up this story because at the end of the day when a company cancels a mentally ill person whether it’s over $20 or $2,000 you’re playing God with that person’s life because of mental illness like depression and psychosis is life or death if you’re not treated for it and there’s different treatments some individuals do the medication some people do other treatments if you’re not treated the very indications that the treatment helped to alleviate they come back I mean I identify in my life kolkata ff.