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I’m people often ask me about my private experiences Kolkata Fatafat what’s the good thing has happened to you as opposed to what’s happened to your customers. I’ve mentioned before I’ve sued many insurance corporations over the years for various things that they’ve denied paying to my clients but I’ve also had a bad involvement myself with an insurance company and I’ll tell you the story and I’ve told the story before so I apologize I mean I mentioned you’re in there in the past..

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I’m not sure I’m starting to lose track of what I talked about in my five hundred some-odd videos but a while back I’ve mentioned before that I had a Jeep Wrangler a white Jeep Wrangler and I bought it brand new so I had full coverage on it and I live in Michigan which is a land of ice and snow and in the winter time I walked out one morning to my Jeep and the doors were gone now they didn’t fall off they didn’t evaporate they were stolen and in fact there were footprints to indicate where the thieves had gone and where they took my doors and they left and so on but my doors were gone and if you know much about jeep wranglers especially ones with cloth tops and the cloth tops of the doors you understand that those cars are terribly insecure and that you cannot lock them up very well and the doors could be removed at that point in time by removing two nuts literally there’s only one on each door you undid the nut off the door off and boom you’re gone into the night so I walked out doors were gone I’m like oh like I know I’m wearing a suit and tie I got to be in court that that day so I uh I go inside and I called my agent and actually at the time actually had bought insurance through an agent who had sold me also insurance on on the home.]

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I was living in and another car so this agent got business from me for landowners and two cars okay and boom he knows. so I called the gap and I go hey dude I go the doors are stolen off my Jeep and he goes oh that’s too bad but he goes you know get a police report which I did and then he goes and take it to a dealership. And you know do what you got to do to get the thing back on the road and I go well you know I can get it to a dealership myself because I lived one mile from a jeep dealer I said but you know I doubt they’ve got doors in stock and it turns out they don’t and you know so I’m going to need something drive because I don’t worry you guys you’re covered with rental insurance if your car is undividable and they go okay cool. So I Drive my Jeep over to the dealership and I take back roads there which isn’t that hard again a mile away and I get there and freezing cold I pull it in the service bay and the guy looks things like okay knows closely why I’m there and I say you know stolen insurance claim here’s the claim number do your magic so that guy brings out a rental car jump on the relic I’m gone and um the dealership calls me later that day and they go hey Steve got a problem they go Jeep doesn’t actually sell the doors as complete units we just got to buy all the componentry and paint it and then assemble it put it on because it’s going to take maybe a week.

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So I said okay we’ll take your time it’s when it done right you know and a little while later I get a phone call from my agent and he goes Steve we got a bit of a tricky. I go what’s that he goes your Jeep is drivable and I go no it’s not I go the doors are missing off of it it’s wintertime you’re in Michigan too aren’t you actually he was in Michigan I know where he was sitting he was using he was in an office I believe on Telegraph Road and I go it’s Michigan it’s wintertime the door the Chiefs got no doors on it he goes but here’s the thing he goes I went to file your claim and one of the local folks.

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I forgot the name of the title but he goes they came back to me they said isn’t a jeep drivable with no doors and he said you know I think he got me on that one he goes because you drove the Jeep the dealership didn’t you and I go yeah I did but I took back streets to get there. I froze myself doing it and no the jeeps not drivable and the guy goes but I told him you drove it to the license and they said well it’s drivable he can keep driving it so how long till he get the doors in I could they said about a week he goes can’t you drive it for a week and I said no no one of the things I bought when I bought my brand-new car was the hope that I could drive it around comfortably year-round and the guy goes well then how’d you hug and he’s now he’s trying to act stupid he goes well then how did you get at the charter with no doors on you drove it kolkata fatafat result.