Sanath Jha, Darjeeling: Deda’s party is practically disobeying government orders in the lockdown! Following the allegations, police raided a shopping mall restaurant in Siliguri and arrested 14 people. Wine, beer bottles and hookah were recovered. A case has been filed against the victims under the Disaster Management Act.


The death toll in Corona is increasing day by day in India. Every day thousands of people are being infected with corona. Increasing infections has naturally put pressure on health infrastructure. Many people are facing problems to get a little treatment. There are many deaths. In the second wave of Corona, so many lives were lost in one day in no other country in the world. The situation in the state is also worrying. Every day many people are getting infected with corona. It is not possible for everyone to recover. But, seeing thousands of people leaving like this in front of their eyes, some people are not regaining consciousness! Even in this atmosphere of terrible mourning, reckless joy continues!